Criminal law

Our team of Lawyers provide the highest quality specialist advice and advocacy on the full range of criminal law. The Lawyers appear regularly before all Courts undertaking all types of criminal cases from the least to the most serious. Due to our immense expertise we are often instructed in the most complex and high profile cases. We have a particularly high reputation in appellate work and often appeal against sentencing.

The Criminal Code Cap. 154 and The Criminal Procedure Act Cap. 155 are the key pieces of legislation governing the regulation of criminal justice. Cap 154 contains the definitions, details, and punishments for various kinds of offenses whereas Cap.155 lays down the procedures to be followed during the arrests, investigations, proceedings etc. Owing to its roots in the common law, Cyprus criminal system follows some of the fundamental common law principles like the right to a proper trial, accused’s right to be heard, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty etc.

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