Administrative law

Administrative Law is the system of rules governing the organization and operation of Public Administration, that is to say, all public services of the State and those legal entities that are considered as bodies of public authority, as well as their relations with the citizens and administrative bodies.

Our firm’s practice includes, amongst others:
Advising public organisations, administrative authorities, municipalities, individuals and private entities on public and administrative legislation, as well as on the existence, validity, suspension or annulment of administrative decisions.

  • Advising businesses with regards to the regulatory and policy framework they fall under as well as any changes.
  • Representing corporate entities and individuals in administrative law and regulatory matters and representing their rights before regulatory entities, administrative authorities, tribunals, the Administrative Court and the Supreme Court of Cyprus.
  • Judicial reviews.
  • Hierarchical appeals on administrative decisions before a higher administrative body (hierarchical resource).
  • Public inquiries.

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