Loan Agreements & Mortgage Instruments

Our law firm provides advice on a wide range of banking and securities transactions. Our clients include commercial banks as well as substantial corporate borrowers and issuers. Our banking and finance practice gathers highly trained and diligent advisors providing national and international clients with well-versed legal advice on a wide range of banking and securities related transactions. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in finance transactions, acquisition and leveraged finance, asset finance and leasing, corporate lending and loan markets, capital markets, project finance, real estate finance, restructuring and insolvency, securitisation and other areas of structured finance. READ MORE

Cyprus as an Ideal Centre for International Commercial Arbitration

Arbitration as an alternative method of dispute resolution Arbitration is an essentially private contractually binding dispute resolution process conducted before an independent arbitrator or panel of arbitrators who act as the judge and thus attempt to resolve the raised disputes. International arbitration is considered to be the most common method for resolving disputes arising from commercial agreements between businesses, originated from different jurisdictions. International arbitration is based on an agreement conducted by the parties, providing that if a dispute arises on any matter under the contract, 1) the parties shall submit their dispute to an arbitral tribunal instead of going to a Court and 2) the arbitrator(s) shall resolve the dispute according to certain parameters and according to the governing law of the contract; and 3) the Arbitrators’ decision shall be final and binding to the parties. READ MORE

Amended Rent Control Law gives landlords more power over bad tenants

On the 24th January 2020, the Cyprus’ Parliament approved an amendment to the rent control law making it easier for landlords to evict tenants, who fall into arrears or deliberately don’t pay their dues. The House of Representatives voted in the bill which will reform the law regulating out-of-court settlements, in disputes over property rental agreements. Now the process could take weeks rather than years to secure eviction of a bad tenant. READ MORE

7 Reasons why you should seek Legal Advice, before doing business.

Entity Formation: There are many different legal entity forms a business may take—a sole business name, partnership, joint venture, or limited liability company. Each has pros and cons and different tax implications. Picking the right form for your business has liability, legal, tax, and financial implications. While information on entity formation is available through the Registrar of Companies and other resources, a lawyer can advise you on which business structure is best, based on your business plan and goals, as well as your personal liability and tax expectations. READ MORE

Trademark protection in Cyprus and the EU

If you are interested in making sure nobody else can use the name of your business and/or product, you need to proceed with a trademark registration of your business name and/or your product and/or service. You may protect your trademark in any country and/or countries; you would like to conduct business activities. Please find below, the necessary steps you need to follow, when it comes to protecting your trademark in Cyprus or in the EU: READ MORE

Are you considering signing a contract?

For a contract to be legally binding it must contain the following elements: Intent For a contract to be legally binding both parties must have the intention to enter into a legal relation. In most cases the presence of a consideration is evidence enough, but not in all. If it is proven that intent is not present in either of the parties, the contract becomes invalid and will not be valid in a court of law. READ MORE

Loans’ Restructuring

With expertise and long-term experience in banking law, our legal team, in cooperation with our certified accountants and/or accredited Mediators, undertake your representation in any dispute with any credit institution. Based on the legislation and jurisprudence on illegal and/or unfair terms of loan agreements, we secure the best possible and realistic solutions for our clients. Defending Borrowers’ Rights: With significant experience in dealing with loan agreements’ cases, we provide legal advice to borrowers who are in the process of restructuring their loans. READ MORE

Parental Responsibility, under the Cyprus Law

Responsibility for a child (parental responsibility) is the duty and the right of the parents who exercise this responsibility jointly. It covers giving the child a name, caring for the child, managing its property and representing it in any matter or legal transaction that concerns it or its property. As a general rule, it is the child’s parents who have parental responsibility over it, provided they are husband and wife and live together; if either of them dies, or declared missing presumed dead, or in the absence of one of the parents, parental responsibility is exercised solely by the other parent. READ MORE

Residence and Employment Permit, within the Republic of Cyprus

Residence and employment permits are granted mainly on a temporary basis and for a specified position. In case of self-employed or legal persons, the Civil Registry and Migration Department is the competent authority for the first issue and subsequent renewal of residence permits granted to all non-Cypriots employed by legal persons in Cyprus. The Civil Registry and Migration Department acts in consultation with other competent authorities such as the Registrar of Companies, the Labor Department and the Cyprus Police. READ MORE

Renewable Energy Sources and environmental incentives, in the Republic of Cyprus

The European Union (EU) has already tuned its energy policy into achieving maximum carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction from power generation plants. In this context, it has already set out a strategic objective of achieving at least a 20% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. This strategic objective represents the core of the new European energy policy. Recognizing the positive effects of renewable energy sources (RES) technologies towards achieving this goal, the EU has taken a range of specific actions in the direction of enhancing the integration of RES in the existing European power generation system as a major step towards the reduction of global warming and climate change phenomena. READ MORE