Trademark protection in cyprus and the eu

Trademark protection in Cyprus and the EU

If you are interested in making sure nobody else can use the name of your business and/or product, you need to proceed with a trademark registration of your business name and/or your product and/or service.

You may protect your trademark in any country and/or countries; you would like to conduct business activities.

Please find below, the necessary steps you need to follow, when it comes to protecting your trademark in Cyprus or in the EU:

  1. Conduct a Trademark Search

Before you proceed with the trademark registration application, we suggest you conduct a search and make sure that no one else in Cyprus and/or in the EU has registered the specific trademark and/or confusingly similar trademark yet. Our Team will be very happy to assist you and advise you on that matter.

  1. Decide about the class / classes of your mark

The Nice Classification system provides specific services and/or products that might be connected to your trademark. In this way, you build and develop the distinctive character of your trademark. In Cyprus, each trademark application covers only one class, while the EU Trademark application covers up to three classes.

  1. Determine the owner of the trademark.

A trademark, can be owned by any legal and/or natural entity, regardless of his/her nationality. In case of a big group of companies and/or of a group of individuals, it is very important to avoid any mistakes and to ensure the right applicant is reflected.

  1. Register your Trademark

The earlier you will apply for the protection of your mark, the better.
Each application takes approximately 7-9 months to be completed in Cyprus and the EU. The Protection begins since the application date.