Personal injury law

Personal Injury is a broad concept, which may cover any type of physical, mental and emotional harm that is suffered by a person due to the wrongful act or omission of another person. Very often, people who suffer harm that can be reparable through a civil action are not fully aware of their legal rights and therefore they do not use all the available legal means that are available to them.

We represent individuals, major insurance companies as well as private corporations active in the insurance sector. We also represent overseas insurance companies and international corporations that operate in insurance led industries for major jurisdictions and international financial centers.

Our civil trial practice covers a broad range of contentious matters:

  • malpractice defence
  • negligence claims
  • damages to the property
  • employment injuries
  • professional claims
  • public liability claims
  • employer’s liability
  • defective products
  • motor vehicle accidents, drink driving accidents, boating accidents, aviation accidents, dangerous amusement park accidents, farm accidents, swimming pool accidents, construction accidents and other.

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