Cyprus citizenship requirements

Cyprus Citizenship Requirements

According to the Cyprus law, the non-Europeans investing 2 million euro in the economy of Cyprus have the opportunity to obtain Cyprus (European) citizenship.
Major Benefits:

Investor is entitled to sell its investments after 3 years, however he must hold possession of at least 500 000 Euro worth of residential property (+ VAT if applicable)

A fast-track procedure takes only 90 days (the fastest in Europe)
Dual-citizenship permitted and the acquisition of citizenship in Cyprus is not reported to other countries
No history or language proficiency tests
VISA-free travel to 157 countries worldwide, including all the European Union countries, Canada and Australia amongst others
No double taxation in Cyprus, international tax planning tool and financial confidentiality to the Cyprus passport holders
Numerous education options in the European universities which feature lower tuition fees
No requirement to reside in Cyprus either before, during or after the approval of the citizenship application
The citizenship is granted to the whole family – husband, wife and all financially dependent children
All the rights of an EU citizen protected by EU legislation and regulations such as: freedom to reside, work, do business, study and travel anywhere in the EU, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.