Tax law

Cyprus Non-Dom Tax Residency

Obtain Cyprus tax residency & non-domicile individual status by staying 60 days in Cyprus The low tax jurisdiction of Cyprus is very popular with foreign individual entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from its advantageous business and tax environment. With low tax rates on both income taxation for private individuals and corporate taxation of companies among other benefits, it is no surprise the Cyprus is one of the best places to relocate amongst EU Member States. READ MORE

Cyprus tax resident for non-domiciled individuals

As part of the overall effort to continuously improve and simplify the Cyprus tax system as well as to remain a highly compliant and attractive jurisdiction, various new bills have been passed into new laws in July 2015. Amongst these, there has been the introduction of the concept of Non-Domiciled individuals for tax purposes. The main aim of introducing the Non-Domicile concept is to constitute Cyprus as a prime choice of destination for persons (both EU and non-EU) wishing to move their personal tax residency in another country. READ MORE

Cyprus (current) Tax System in place and the tax incentives which arise from that

Cyprus is a full EU member and has a strategic location as it is situated around three continents. The country has a well-educated work force and a very competitive corporation tax rate which is fixed at 12.5%, one of the lowest in the European Union. A company is deemed to be resident in the Republic when management and control is exercised in the Republic. In other words, for a company to be deemed as a Cyprus Tax Resident the following 3 criterion must coexist: READ MORE