Case law

UK Court of Appeal clarifies meaning of ‘knowledge’ for purposes of Limitation Act

Introduction In Su v Clarksons Platou Futures Ltd ([2018] EWCA Civ 1115) the Court of Appeal upheld a decision granting summary judgment against a claimant on the basis that his claim in negligence was time barred. The Court of Appeal concluded that the claimant was out of time, even with the application of the special time limit for negligence claims under Section 14A of the Limitation Act 1980 (which applies where the facts relevant to the claim were not known at the time when the cause of action accrued). READ MORE

Swiss Franc Loans and the Importance of the European’s Court of JusticeRuling.

The recent decision of the European Court of Justice, in respect of the case C-26/13, Árpád Kásler and Hajnalka Káslerné Rábai v OTP Jelzálogbank Zrt combined with the empowerment and almost equation of the exchange rate of Swiss Franc and Euro, has spurred the issue of the conclusion of loans in Swiss Francs in a crucial issue for many creditors – not only in Cyprus. In this respect, the conclusion of loans in Swiss Francs has already received a huge social and political dimension. READ MORE