Environmental law

Environmental matters and the relevant regulatory framework, within the Republic of Cyprus

Principally, most environmental matters are subject to the procedure for administrative recourses. Nevertheless, some environmental issues are decided under criminal or civil jurisdiction, e.g. the Law for Crimes against the environment Number 22(I)/2012 and Law on Environmental Liability, Number 189(1)/2007. In criminal procedures, everyone is entitled to report criminal acts (e.g. misuse of power by certain authorities) to the prosecutor. They can participate and bear witness at the proceedings. Remedies against court decisions are restricted to the prosecutor and the accused. READ MORE

Environmental Policy and its Enforcement in Cyprus

Fundamental environmental policy in Cyprus and the agencies/bodies accountable for the administration and enforcement of environmental law: In 2004, following the EU accession of Cyprus, the environmental policy has been subjected to a fundamental review, in order to brought into line with over 300 legislative instruments (Regulations and Directives) and other action programmes which from part of the manifold, a complicated and detailed environmental chapter of the acquis communaitare. Although the new legislative framework is systematically comprehensive and clear in interpretation without leaving room for relaxations or illegalities, its implementation has not reached maximum levels of efficiency and progress is yet to be made for visible enhancement in the environment and quality of life. READ MORE